Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Trafalgar Test

On a beautiful, sun drenched morning, The Everest Test embarked on a truly memorable voyage of basically taking over the middle of London. Complete with warm clothes and singing hearts the crew took this expidition to a whole new level.

My first thanks goes to Kirt and Wes for being the brains behind this mental idea. Big clap for Captive Minds for organising a smashing do and of course a high five to all the guys and gals that turned up. Also a very special mention to Charlie B-N for that wristy flick to dispatch Kinsey's bowling into one of the fountains. Made me want to do a riverdance. H H Hillary!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Yakity Yak, Dont Smoke Crack

On a glorious Saturday morning myself and the Yeti that is Curry, went on a massive trek smash through the Surrey Hills.

Our adventure started at Guildford and took us through to a rather charmless village called Puttenham with a view to ending up in Farnham. Naturally we got lost and after 7 miles walked back to Guildord rather sheepishly!

The whole thing took 4 hours (hoo ha) and actually was a rather nice way to spend a Saturday morning. The new boots stood up to the punishment dished out and the banter was simply phenomenal. My thanks to Cuzza for coming on the magic carpet ride. Cuz, you are my ambassador of quam.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cant work out whether I am disappointed or happy that Pietersen has called it quits. I suppose a balance argument is needed here.

Disappointed.. why?

1. He is a great player
2. Given time, he could have led us to great things
3. His "talisman" like ability has really put England cricket back on the world map as a real contender
4. He led from the front
5. Great with the press

Happy... why?

1. No-one is bigger than the team
2. Yes, he had a difference of opinion, but you dont just walk at the first sign of trouble
3. Not even 6 months into the job he put his personal position above the lads in the squad who look to him for guidance
4. Moores is gone- he was utter toilet. Record proved it. Played 22 won 8 lost 6 drawn 8
5. Strauss is on great form and deserves the captaincy at the third time of asking.

In conclusion, a bitter blow for England at a crucial time. However, dont forget that India have played without a coach and look at their position now. We have to get it right for the Ashes! I for one am offering my Hilarian services as chief yeti for the team whose duties will include mass sledging, poisioning the oppositions food and getting all their wives to sit on my lap Stanford style.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Trim Trail

Havent been on here for a while. Wish I had a valid excuse, but I just dont. On the topic of excuses though, my usual reasons for doing very little in the way of exercise have deserted me, meaning that regular appearances at Trim Trail have become the norm. In fact, it has become a bit of a love affair. The pain, the humiliation and most of all the sweet knowledge that my body can take what is thrown at it.

Merrell Mudman on Saturday was a stark reminder of the the work we need to do in time for the Grim Challenge and the small matter of climing a small "hill" in Nepal next year. Big mention to Charlie & Glen for doing the duathlon. I did the run only and the fact I could still breathe at the end came as a massive suprise. Well done boys. Did us proud. Big shout for Robotman Sharland who came 6th overall. Mutant

The Grim challenge will do exactly what it says on the tin. 8 or so miles in what can only be described as raw and untreated sewage. All that on a Sunday! No wonder people I meet and talk to about this think we are all nuts. But I know we will have the last laugh on that one. As I write this, our AGM has been booked in a the home of cricket- Lords. We will not only have our meeting but will be put through our paces in the hallowed nets. Its times like these I remember why I am part of this and with this great support, we are going to really nail this.

Weekend rugby beckons. I cant help feeling that whilst England are in dire need of a shake up, never bet against an animal you back into a corner. They have nothing to lose against the Kiwis. I mean that quite literally. I say play attacking rugby. If you expect anything less from the All Blacks then you are barking. I say come out guns blazing. So what if it backfires? Part of the problem last week was they were at times flat and at others so deep, it beggared belief. If any of you England boys are reading this, there is a Trim Trail every Monday, Wed & Saturday so get in touch if you want me to pencil in a space.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Vice Captaincy

I recently found out that I have been selected as the vice captain for Team Hillary. This is a great honour to be bestowed with and I readily accepted.

I hope to be able to follow in the footsteps of some great vice captains such as Marcus Trescothick, Sachin Tendulkar, Michael Clarke and even Freddie Flintoff (till he fell off his pedalo that is)

We have a massive challenge against us. Especially in the light of our drubbing at the hands of Tenzig. But mark my words, nothing gets a team more revved up than when they have to bounce back and deliver a responding blow. We will respond. With interest.

I cant think of a better man to lead us all than Mr Glen Lowis. It will be an honour to serve him and to serve my team. Our motto is simple. Anything less than the best is a felony- and I will work tirelessly to ensure that we stick to this and exceed it.

H H Hillary!

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Fitness Vs Fatness

Bleep Test- Hmm. Intersting one this one. I worringly enjoyed smashing my body into level 10. Tom Sharland proved he is The Terminator by clocking up level 13 point ridicolous. Plus he doesnt seem to have an ability to sweat.

Hillary are looking strong. Mainly in mind and chat at the moment, but the lads will look like extras from 300 in no time.

Speaking of which, I am just off to have a muscle triplicator bar...BOOM!

Monday, 2 June 2008

Countdown to ignition


After pretty much torching the dancefloor on Sat night with the might G-Child, it is back to the work grindstone I am afraid.

So many sponsors to get and so little time! When will it stop. Never, I hope...