Monday, 26 January 2009

Yakity Yak, Dont Smoke Crack

On a glorious Saturday morning myself and the Yeti that is Curry, went on a massive trek smash through the Surrey Hills.

Our adventure started at Guildford and took us through to a rather charmless village called Puttenham with a view to ending up in Farnham. Naturally we got lost and after 7 miles walked back to Guildord rather sheepishly!

The whole thing took 4 hours (hoo ha) and actually was a rather nice way to spend a Saturday morning. The new boots stood up to the punishment dished out and the banter was simply phenomenal. My thanks to Cuzza for coming on the magic carpet ride. Cuz, you are my ambassador of quam.

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Zooby said...

I'm sensing Cuzzer getting lost is a running (no pun intended) theme in his life. Not only from his last blog but also from an email this morning, he managed to get lost on a run....